No Reason for Crappy Work Here


Waste Pumper is a new industry publication, online information exchange & marketplace for the large North American community of Vacuum Tank Truck fabricators, parts manufacturers, maintainers, drivers, washers, etc.  I styled this to imply liquid being drawn from a vessel with themes of cleanliness, upward motion, focus, flow, liquid, tank and hose.

Funkiest Waxing Salon in Houston


April has an easy-going attitude and a great sense of humor.  She’s as friendly as they come and an amazing waxing specialist.  Together we built her Winkin’ Twinkies brand to be as fun and approachable as she is.  Above you see her website but I also built her logos, business cards, marketing materials and even did the copy writing!  And, hey, while we’re at it, here’s the logos for you!


^ This is her primary business logo.


^ And here’s a secondary one built specifically for her tagline.

A New Logo for a Texas Historian

This Week in Texas History Logo

Texas history writer Bartee Haile needed a logo for his column that instantly evoked the classic personality of the state.  Western design is a personal favorite and anytime I get a chance to work with it, I consider it a treat.

We eventually developed this into a full identity for This Week in Texas History, with new business cards, letterhead, envelopes and a website.

Tank Transport’s Mobile App Anouncement


Tank Transport has been a staple trade publication of the tank trailer industry for decades. When they needed a mobile application announcement I devised this elegant solution.

I sat down with pen and paper for a couple of hours and wrote out every location that came to mind, some generic, some rather specific.  As I converted that giant list into an ad design, I slipped in the message we were trying to get across to our audience.

The result is an ad that captivates the reader as their eyes linger over all the different locations.  Those extra seconds can mean everything when it comes to a successful print advertisement.

Surrounded by Friends and Utterly Alone: My Time with Papo & Yo

Stick with me here for a moment as this post isn’t about a video game, it’s about being human…

I wrote these words soon after being emotionally eviscerated by a small indie game called Papo & Yo.  J. Paul McDonald, after reading it, asked me if he could post it to his up-and-coming video games blog McDonald & Blank.  Of course I accepted.  Head over there now and take a look:

Surrounded by Friends and Utterly Alone: Brett Haile on Papo & Yo



Your Ghost When I’m Alone


One of my favorite pieces, this one possesses a distinctive 80′s feel with it’s Michael Mann-esque color palette.  The woman, flipped four times, looks away, unaware of, or perhaps unconcerned with, our presence.  It’s intentionally dreamlike, a hypnogogic recollection of her face, but her features remain unclear as time has washed them away.

Your Ghost When I’m Alone
image + databending + moderate post processing

Photo prints available here.

The Launch of the New Bartee Haile dot Com


Bartee Haile writes a weekly column called This Week in Texas History.  It’s actually the most widely read article of its kind…ever.  In a state that treasures its history the way Texas does, that’s no small feat.

This past weekend, he was scheduled to appear on a San Antonio radio program called, “Talk about Texas.”  His old website just wasn’t going to cut it.  He needed a new one that could hold onto the fresh audience he was about to reach.

We built it in only a couple of weeks–all the time we had.  It’s fully editable by him and even has a fully functional store so his fans can buy the collections he puts together by hand.

Please feel free to take a closer look.

First & Foremost a Designer, but So Much More

Call me Brett.

I’m a graphic designer from Austin and I of course do all the stuff you’ve come to expect from one of us:  logos, brand identities, websites, marketing materials, etc.  But I do stuff a lot of others don’t.

See, I’m also an author and glitch artist.  In fact, I write pretty much all the time in one format or another. It makes me a pretty darn good copy writer so if you’re looking for the perfect words to reach your audience, maybe I could help you do that.

Glitch art is an unbridled passion for me.  Starting with broken image files, I extract the themes of technophobia, disconnectedness and the ultimate frailty of the computers which we rely on to safeguard our most vital information.  See something you like?  Prints are available.

And after everyone goes to sleep, I play video games as well.  Join me in some action any time you’d like.

So, maybe you need to create a business card that will blow people’s socks off.  Maybe you need help polishing your message.  Heck, maybe you just need someone to help you beat the game that’s giving you fits.  Well, either way, you came to the right place.

Let’s get started.